4 Excellent Spanish Takeout Dishes

Many people continue to choose takeout dining at their favorite restaurants to lower their risk of contracting COVID-19. Continuing to practice social distancing is wise, but there's no reason you can't enjoy your favorite meals. Many restaurants offer takeout and delivery services for people who'd like to dine at home. If you are choosing Spanish takeout food, here are some excellent Spanish dishes you can enjoy from your favorite restaurant:

1. Spanish Omelet

The Spanish omelet is sometimes known by its Spanish name, Tortilla Espanola. This dish is made from simple ingredients, combining potatoes, onions, and eggs to make a fluffy, filling omelet. Spanish omelets are allowed to set before being flipped a single time. The result is a beautiful, fluffy omelet that can be cut into wedge-shaped slices and served. Spanish omelets make an excellent addition to any breakfast. If you have leftovers, they can be reheated in the microwave for lunch or dinner.

2. Patatas Bravas

Patatas bravas is another dish that utilizes potatoes. For this dish, potatoes are cut into small cubes before being pan-fried. The result is crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside, similar to french fries. Patatas bravas are covered in a spicy sauce before being served. People who enjoy spicy foods will enjoy this dish. Patatas bravas is traditionally served as an appetizer, but you can eat it for a light lunch or dinner if you prefer.

3. Croquetas de Jamon

Croquetas de jamon are also known as ham croquettes. Spanish croquettes are different from croquettes served in other places. Instead of featuring a mashed potato center, Spanish croquettes are filled with bechamel sauce. The ham version of these croquettes features Spanish jamon, a perfectly cured variety of ham. Croquetas de jamon are breaded and deep-fried, resulting in a hot, gooey finger food that can be eaten while watching your favorite sports game on TV.

4. Gazpacho

If you'd like to cleanse your palate with something cool and light, gazpacho is the perfect dish for you. Gazpacho is a Spanish soup that's unique because it's served cold. Gazpacho is made by blending ripe tomatoes, garlic, and onions into a smooth puree. Salt and various seasonings are added to the gazpacho to create a savory, refreshing soup that's perfect on a hot summer day. You can sip gazpacho from a cup or eat it with a spoon. The nutrients found in this soup can keep you healthy and strong.