Add Some Excitement To Your Sandwiches With These Breads

Sandwiches are a lunch option that can be quick to make and quick to eat, which means that many people favor them for the workday. If you eat a sandwich Monday through Friday at work, you might constantly be changing up your sandwich ingredients to avoid monotony. While varying the types of sandwiches that you eat can be a good idea, don't overlook how you can change the taste of each bite simply by choosing a different type of bread. It's a good idea to visit your local bakery to assess the different types of bread that it has available. Here are three bread that can add excitement to your daily sandwiches.

Nut/Seed Bread

You'll often find that local bakeries have a variety of bread that feature nuts, seeds, or a combination of the two. Sometimes, these bread will have nuts and/or seeds sprinkled atop them before they go in the oven. The list can include pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and more. In other cases, there will be nuts and/or seeds throughout the bread. This type of bread offers a textural change from conventional bread, but there's a bigger benefit that you'll appreciate. The addition of nuts and/or seeds provides protein and healthy fats, both of which can be valuable if you're keen on making healthy dietary choices for your lunches.

Sourdough Bread

When you walk into a local bakery, you'll often notice the smell of fresh bread. One bread that is particularly aromatic is sourdough bread, which has a unique smell due to the fermentation that occurs before baking. Sourdough bread is available in different sizes and shapes, but you'll often find it in large, oval loaves. This type of bread, which can be tasty with a wide range of sandwich ingredients, is also healthier than many other types of bread. In addition to being good for sandwiches, sourdough bread is also tasty for French toast as a breakfast treat.

Rye Bread

Another type of bread that you might wish to try from your local bakery is rye bread. This bread is commonly available at supermarkets, but the freshness of buying it at a bakery is something that you'll appreciate. Rye bread is available in several different hues, from light to dark, and even with a marbled appearance. Additionally, you'll often find that some rye bread contains caraway seeds, which dramatically changes the taste. Lots of people enjoy this type of bread with meats such as pastrami, ham, and more.

To learn more about different types of bread, reach out to a local bakery.