Considerations When Ordering Ice For A Backyard Party

Having a supply of ice on hand when you host a backyard summer party is important. Not only do you want crushed or cubed ice that you can put into drink pitchers or glasses, but you'll also want ice for your coolers to help keep drinks chilled. It makes sense to order your ice for delivery, rather than pick it up yourself, but you'll need to determine how much ice is the right amount. There are several considerations that can influence how much you order. Share this information with the ice delivery service, which should be able to give you a good idea of how much ice you'll need.

Number Of Guests

The number of people at your backyard gathering will play a critical role in determining how much ice you need to order. For a larger gathering, you'll need a larger amount of ice because the group will consume more drinks. It can be useful to think about the beverages you'll be buying to serve. For example, if you've bought a combined total of 10 cases of soft drinks and beer, each with 24 bottles, that's 240 drinks that you expect to serve. Provide this information to your ice delivery company for a more accurate estimate of how much ice you'll need for 240 drinks.

Weather Forecast

Don't overlook the importance of considering the weather forecast on the day of your gathering. Many people enjoy planning backyard parties during the hot days of summer, but it's important to realize that ice will melt faster on these days — even when it's in coolers. If the forecast for the day of your event suggests high temperatures and plenty of sun, you won't regret ordering more ice than you'd order on a cooler day.

Event Duration

The longer that your gathering runs, the more ice that you'll need. When an event takes place over a span of several hours, people will open your coolers a lot more than during a short event. Each time that a cooler is exposed to the warm air outside of it, the ice inside will melt at an accelerated rate — especially if people accidentally leave the cooler lid open, which can happen multiple times over the course of a lengthy party. Ensuring that you have enough ice to stock up the coolers throughout the day will be important. Contact a local ice delivery service to discuss these topics and determine how much ice you need to order.