Maintaining Your Countertop Or Deck Pizza Oven

If you have just opened a restaurant where you use a pizza oven, you will want to take all steps necessary to make sure that the oven is properly maintained so it will last for several years. Countertop and deck oven models are two of the most popular types of pizza ovens used. Pizza ovens will last for a few decades if they are taken care of and if you make sure to clean and repair them when necessary. Here are some tips to help you keep your own deck or countertop pizza oven in the best possible shape, extending the life of its service as a result.

Countertop Oven Cleaning Method

It is important to clean out the interior of your pizza oven daily after use. For a countertop unit, remove any leftover food particles from the inside and take the racks out to clean down with a mild detergent. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly. Clean the interior of the oven using a mixture of detergent and water. Dip a clean cloth in the solution and wipe down the surfaces inside your oven. Rinse with a clean cloth dipped in plain water.

Deck Oven Cleaning Method

If you are using a pizza deck oven, do not use water for interior cleanings, as it can cause the stone the pizza cooks upon to crack. Instead, at the end of the day, turn your pizza oven up to maximum temperature and leave it on for a full half-hour. Use a pizza brush especially made for deck ovens to scrape any ash from the pizza stone and the bottom of your oven. An oven cleaning broom can be used to sweep it into a mound so you can brush it into a dustpan for disposal.

Other Maintenance Steps

In addition to daily cleanings, there are some maintenance steps you can take to keep your pizza oven in great working order. When cooking, remove any spills from the floor of your oven right after they occur. If you leave a spill, the heat will redirect toward this area, making it inefficient when cooking. Spills can also be more difficult to remove after they are caked onto your oven. 

Check the seals on your pizza oven door regularly to make sure no heat is escaping when you are cooking. Check this by trying to slide a dollar bill between the gasket and the door. If it slides through, replace the gasket, as it is not keeping a tight seal. 

Check the temperature of your oven every month to make sure the reading on the knobs matches the actual temperature. Do this by taking an oven thermometer and placing it in the oven. If the numbers do not match, you may need to have the unit recalibrated by a professional service like K & D Factory Service Inc or you may need a new thermostat.