Planning Your Backyard Wedding with Quality Vendors

As you plan your wedding day, you may have decided to have your wedding right in your own backyard. While this is an excellent idea, it is going to take some planning to get all of the details just right. From a tent rental, tables and chairs, linen, music, photography, and food, you'll need to find vendors that offer services that are mobile and can be set up using the facilities you have at your home.

Whether you are looking for tables, chairs and a dance floor rental, or you need a mobile caterer to handle all the food, a backyard wedding takes some effort in order to plan it.

Setting Up Your Outdoor Wedding Space

As you plan your wedding, figure out where you are going to place your large tent in order to cover your guests in the event of hot sun or rainy weather. Find an area that is as flat as possible, and outline where you want to have tables, a dance floor, the mobile caterer and your DJ. Your mobile event catering may have specific power requirements, so ask before the day of the event so that you are prepared. 

Finding the Right Vendors

When it comes to hiring vendors for your wedding, do your research. You can interview vendors and read reviews that are posted online. When it comes to your caterer, you want to make sure that they have a menu you are interested in, the date is open, and they can provide meals for the number of people you are going to have at your wedding. You want to know that the caterer you hire can handle the amount of food you need to be served, and has the staff needed to keep the meal on time.

Consider a Wedding Planner

Although your wedding is not a specific venue, this does not mean that a wedding planner won't be useful. When your wedding day is full of details that need to be kept track of, a good wedding planner can handle everything for you. When you don't have to worry about whether the chairs are set up or the food is ready on time because of a wedding planner, your day is going to be more enjoyable.

An outdoor wedding can be a wonderful experience, but planning is essential. Find a mobile event caterer such as North Fork Event Catering to learn more about how to have a great wedding reception.