Benefits Of Signing Up For An Organic Veggie CSA Box

Over the past few years, it has become more common to have food and groceries delivered to your home. And it is not just grocery stores that are offering delivery services. There are also CSA groups that will deliver boxes of produce to your home via a subscription service. So, why would someone sign up for one of these organic vegetable CSA delivery boxes? As it turns out, they have a few key benefits, and not just for you and your family. 

They support more sustainable agriculture

Produce that is grown via organic methods is grown without pesticides or herbicides. Many of these chemicals are not very good for the wildlife and plants that surround farmland, so growing food without them has benefits for the planet. When you buy from an organic vegetable CSA, you are using your money to support and fund these operations instead of farms that grow using conventional pesticides. With the funds from customers like you, organic farms are better able to grow and compete in the market.

They introduce you to new vegetables

Do you find yourself buying the same vegetables again and again, week after week? This is an easy trap to fall into, especially when you shop at popular grocery stores that seem to carry the same vegetables, week after week! When you sign up for an organic veggie CSA box, you don't generally get to choose what comes in the box. You'll probably get some familiar things each week, but you'll probably also get some new and different veggies that you don't know how to use quite as well. This gives you a chance to branch out, try some new recipes, and expand your palate. You might discover a new favorite. The variety is good for your health, too.

They encourage you to eat more vegetables

When vegetables come to your home every week, you start to focus on eating the ones you have before more show up. This encourages you to eat more vegetables overall, which is good for your health. Your whole family may have an easier time sticking to a healthier diet with more veggies around. This could help some family members lose weight and others simply support their overall well-being.

If you have an organic vegetable CSA in your area, consider signing up. You'll enjoy the benefits above, and it's also just fun to have veggies show up at your door each week.

To learn more about organic vegetable CSA delivery boxes, reach out to a service provider.